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Jakarta EE Survey 2020

At OmniFaces we poll the community from time to time about Java EE (now Jakarta EE) and related technologies. With the transfer of Java EE to Jakarta EE now almost completed, people are now starting to think about Jakarta EE 10 , the first Jakarta EE release after Java EE 8 having new featues. As such it's a good time to poll the community again. In the 2020 edition, there are 4 categories of questions again: Current usage of Java EE / Jakarta EE Servlet containers APIs related to Java EE / Jakarta EE The future of Jakarta EE Compared to 2018, we simplified some of the questions somewhat, omitting some of the less popular options to make it more manageable. We added questions about the future of Jakarta EE and MP together, the preferred Jakarta EE cadence, and generally updated the choices (such as adding Quarkus , which wasn't quite on the radar in 2018 and our own Piranha Cloud ). Jakarta EE provides the opportunity to revitalise and modernise Java EE, but i

Java EE 7 server Liberty 9 beta 2016.1 tested for JASPIC support

IBM recently released the latest monthly beta of their modern and light weight Java EE 7 server; Liberty 9 beta 2016.1 . Previous beta releases of Liberty 9 already performed quite well when it came to Java EE's portable authentication (JASPIC), but weren't perfect yet. In this article we take a look to see if JASPIC support has improved in the latest release. To find out we executed the JASPIC tests against this latest release. For comparison the previous Liberty beta as well as the latest (snapshots) of Payara and WildFly are shown. One thing to note is that previous downloads of recent Liberty betas were always for a full Java EE 7 server. For some inexplainable reason this month's beta is "only" a Java EE 7 web profile. Possibly this is a bug on the download page , as the size that as stated (116 mb) is not the same as the actual archive that's downloaded (94 mb). One of Liberty's unique features is that it has a very elaborate and smooth system