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Stateless vs Stateful JSF view parameters

JSF defines the concept of view parameters, which are used to support URL parameters in GET requests (although it can be used for non-faces POST parameters as well ). View parameters are defined on a Facelet with the help of the f:viewParam tag. A typical usage looks like this: <html xmlns="" xmlns:h="" xmlns:f="" > <f:metadata> <f:viewParam name="foo_id" value="#{myBean.fooId}" /> </f:metadata> <h:body> #{myBean.fooId} </h:body> </html> In this case myBean could look like this: @Named @ViewScoped public class MyBean { private Long fooId; public Long getFooId() { return fooId; } public void setFooId(Long fooId) { this.fooId = fooId; } } There's nothing really fancy going on here. When a GET request like localh