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Jan 2020 update: Piranha Micro getting more compatible

We're currently hard at work with our Piranha runtime implementation. Piranha is a new Jakarta EE and MicroProfile runtime build from scratch. A distinguishing feature is that it's build from the ground up to use Jakarta EE and MicroProfile as a framework, which means without any (application) server bits. This is essentially how you would use a mock framework for Jakarta EE, except that with Piranha it's the actual runtime. Piranha Micro takes the framework bits and with a minimal amount of glue code assembles these into what resembles a more traditional Jakarta EE Server (including an HTTP stack and the ability to run a single war archive). We'll be blogging about some interesting features this version of Piranha has soon. For now just a small status update, and that's that we're working hard on compatibility. Last month we passed the MicroProfile JWT TCK (which infers a certain minimal level of compatibility with CDI, Jakarta REST and MicroProfile Con