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Jakarta EE Survey 2020

At OmniFaces we poll the community from time to time about Java EE (now Jakarta EE) and related technologies. With the transfer of Java EE to Jakarta EE now almost completed, people are now starting to think about Jakarta EE 10 , the first Jakarta EE release after Java EE 8 having new featues. As such it's a good time to poll the community again. In the 2020 edition, there are 4 categories of questions again: Current usage of Java EE / Jakarta EE Servlet containers APIs related to Java EE / Jakarta EE The future of Jakarta EE Compared to 2018, we simplified some of the questions somewhat, omitting some of the less popular options to make it more manageable. We added questions about the future of Jakarta EE and MP together, the preferred Jakarta EE cadence, and generally updated the choices (such as adding Quarkus , which wasn't quite on the radar in 2018 and our own Piranha Cloud ). Jakarta EE provides the opportunity to revitalise and modernise Java EE, but i

Java EE 8 wish list

Java EE 7 has been recently released and is a truly great release. While for most vendors the job to implement Java EE 7 has just started or may even still has to start ideas for the next version, Java EE 8, may already be shaping. If history is anything to go by; last time Java EE 6 was released Dec 10, 2009 and we saw the first real Java EE 7 events about a year later , so we may have some time till Java EE 8 is really kicking off. Around the Java EE 7 kickoff time, Antonio Goncalves, presented a very interesting wish list of things that should be in Java EE 7. Interestingly 2 of his 4 items (flows and batch) indeed made it in Java EE 7, while a 3rd item (caching) would have been included but was dropped at the very last moment. It's a bit early days, but in this article I'd like to present my wish list for Java EE 8: CDI everywhere More thorough Pruning & Deprecating A standardized caching API In-app alternatives for all "administrative objects&quo