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JEUS application server: The story continues

In a previous blog post I wrote about JEUS, a Java EE 7 certified application server that is popular in Korea but pretty much unknown elsewhere. In this follow up I'll report about the latest findings and take a look at how to deploy an application to JEUS and do some debugging. The previous installment was quite a story, but there's more. The us domain that was previously just gone briefly flickered into existence again, and it indeed offered the much sought after JEUS 7 download link; jeus70_linux_x86.bin . In order to get this I once again had to register a new account, and this time the signup process limited my password to 12 characters and did not allow capitals and non-alphanumerics (the 4 other signup processes that I went through did allow this). Unfortunately after a few hours the site suddenly featured completely different content. It's now largely, but not entirely, identical to the main corporate site , and doesn't feature the JEUS 7 download link anym

The most popular Java EE 7 technologies according to ZEEF users

For some time now I'm keeping a page at about Java EE 7 . The page covers pretty much all Java EE 7 technologies, so the amount of clicks on the links of this page may give some indication of what parts of Java EE 7 are most popular with users. At the moment of writing the top 20 list for the last 8 weeks looks as follows: Position Link Category 1 Beginning Java EE 7 by Antonio Goncalves Java EE 7 overal 2 The Java EE 7 Tutorial Java EE 7 overal 3 Java EE 7 Essentials by Arun Gupta Java EE 7 overal 4 Java EE 7 code samples Java EE 7 overal 5 What's New in JAX-RS 2.0? (2) JAX-RS 2.0 6 Java EE 7: And Then What? Java EE 7 overal 7 JSF 2.2 new features in context [slides] JSF 2.2 8 CDI 1.1 available :-) CDI 1.1 9 Java EE 7 support in Eclipse 4.3 Java EE 7 overal 10 JSF 2.2: HTML5 friendly markup JSF 2.2 11 A closer look at the JSF 2.2 View Actio