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The CN4J profile as the common EE and MP profile - a proposal

The Java EE platform was moved a while ago to become the Jakarta EE platform . At about the same time, a group of Java EE vendors split off and started MicroProfile; a platform that initially only contained a number of Java EE APIs, but was later on extended with APIs that were originally planned for Java EE 8 (such as Config, Health, and JWT). With MicroProfile and Jakarta EE now both at Eclipse, and both including approximately all of the same vendors again, there has been an increasing demand for somehow joining the efforts. We asked about this in our recent survey, where most repsondends would like to see them aligned . This begs the question of how to do this exactly. MicroProfile is already using Jakarta EE APIs, and there's a strong desire to use MicroProfile Config in Jakarta EE. This would result in a circular dependency though, which is, perhaps, not ideal. One option in software engineering to break circular dependencies is to factor out the common dependencies i