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The most popular Java EE servers in 2014/2015 according to OmniFaces users

For a little over 3 months (from half of November 2014 to late February 2015) we had a poll on the OmniFaces website asking what AS (Application Server) people used with OmniFaces (people could select multiple servers). The response was quite overwhelming for our little project; no less than 840 people responded, choosing a grand total of 1108 servers. The final results are as follows: PositionServerVotes (Percentage)1JBoss (AS/EAP/WildFly)395 (47%)2GlassFish206 (24%)3Tomcat/Mojarra/Weld186 (22%)4TomEE85 (10%)5WebSphere55 (6%)6WebLogic49 (6%)7Tomcat/MyFaces/OWB33 (3%)8Jetty/Mojarra/Weld19 (2%)9Geronimo13 (1%) 10JEUS11 (1%)11Liberty9 (1%)12Jetty/MyFaces/OWB9 (1%)13JOnAS8 (0%)14NetWeaver8 (0%)15Resin6 (0%)16InforSuite5 (0%)17WebOTX4 (0%)18Interstage AS4 (0%)19(u)Cosminexus3 (0%) As can be seen the clear winner here is JBoss, which gets nearly half of all votes and nearly twice the amount of the runner up; GlassFish. Just slightly below GlassFish at number 3 is Tomcat in the specifi…