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The most popular upcoming Java EE 8 technologies according to ZEEF users

I maintain a page on about the upcoming Java EE 8 specification. On this page I collect all interesting links about the various sub-specs that will be updated or newly introduced in EE 8. The page is up since April last year and therefor currently has almost 10 months worth of data (at the moment 8.7k views, 5k clicks). While there still aren't any discussions and thus links available for quite a couple of specs, it does give us some early insight in what's popular. At the moment the ranking is as follows: PositionLinkCategory1Java EE 8 roadmap [png]Java EE 8 overal2JSF MVC discussionJSF 2.33Let's get started on JSF 2.3JSF 2.34Servlet 4.0Servlet 4.05Java EE 8 Takes Off!Java EE 8 overal6An MVC action-based framework in Java EE 8MVC 1.07JSF and MVC 1.0, a comparison in codeMVC 1.08Let's get started on Servlet 4.0Servlet 4.09JavaOne Replay: 'Java EE 8 Overview' by Linda DeMichielJava EE 8 overal10A CDI 2 Wish ListCDI 2.0 If we look at the single high…