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A basic implementation of basic access authentication using JASPIC

Basic access authentication is a crude mechanism to authenticate that's part of the HTTP standard. It allows both an agent to send username/password credentials and a server to request the agent to authenticate itself. This happens in a simple but standardized way. The mechanism can be easily implemented using Java EE's JASPIC and a sprinkle of utility code from the experimental OmniSecurity project (which is currently being discussed as one of the possible options to simplify security in Java EE 8). A basic implementation looks as follows: public class BasicAuthModule extends HttpServerAuthModule { @Override public AuthStatus validateHttpRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, HttpMsgContext httpMsgContext) throws AuthException { String[] credentials = getCredentials(request); if (!isEmpty(credentials)) { UsernamePasswordIdentityStore identityStore = getReferenceOrNull(UsernamePa