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What's new in Java EE 7's authentication support?

Java EE 7 comes with a lot of improvements in many areas. Things like JSF 2.2 , CDI 1.1, JMS 2.0 and JAX-RS 2.0 have all been massively improved. However, not all specs have seen a significant revision. A number of them like JSP 2.1 and EJB 3.1 only had a minor revision, called a maintenance release. In this post we'll take a look at the changes that were done for the standardized authentication support in Java EE: JASPIC 1.1 (JSR 196). The second maintenance release of JASPIC, called Maintenance Release B officially has seen its version bumped from 1.0 to 1.1. It's sometimes confusing, but a small maintenance release can have the same version increment as a significant revision. E.g. JSF 2.1 was a small maintenance release of its prior version 2.0, but EJB 3.1 was a significant revision of its prior version 3.0. On to the changes in JASPIC 1.1: Standardized application context identifier (AppContextID) for Servlet Profile One of the big hurdles when trying to