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Diving into the unknown: the JEUS application server

There are quite a number of Java EE implementations. At the open source front JBoss, GlassFish and increasingly TomEE are very well known. On the commercial side there's WebLogic, WebSphere and increasingly Liberty that are rather well known as well. A couple of implementations are somewhat less known such as Resin and Geronimo/WASCE, but you'd expect many advanced Java EE developers to have heard of those. Yet another implementation is JOnAS, which arguably is much less known. Then however, there are also the truly obscure (in the sense of not widely known) ones such as TMax JEUS, Fujitsu Interstage Application Server, Hitachi uCosminexus Application Server and NEC WebOTX Application Server. These seem to be virtually unknown among general Java EE users. The only way I found out that these servers even existed was because of them being mentioned on Oracle's Java EE compatibility page . The most famous of these unknown servers is JEUS; every ~3 years it makes it in