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OmniFaces 2.1 released!

We're proud to announce that today we've released OmniFaces 2.1. OmniFaces is a utility library for JSF that provides a lot of utilities to make working with JSF much easier. OmniFaces 2.1 is the second release that will depend on JSF 2.2 and CDI 1.1 from Java EE 7. Since Java EE 7 availability remains somewhat scarce, we maintain a no-frills 1.x branch for JSF 2.0 (without CDI) as well. The easiest way to use OmniFaces 2.1 is via Maven by adding the following to pom.xml: <dependency> <groupId>org.omnifaces</groupId> <artifactId>omnifaces</artifactId> <version>2.1</version> </dependency> Alternatively the jars files can be downloaded directly . A complete overview of all that's new can be found on the what's new page , and some more details can be found in BalusC's blogpost about this release . As usual the release contains an assortment of new features, some changes and a bunch of fixes. One p