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The state of portable authentication in Java EE, mid 2016 update

In the beginning of this year and two months prior to that we looked at how well modern Java EE servers supported portable authentication (JASPIC) in Java EE. In this article we look at the current state of the union. Originally the situation didn't looked that rosy, but since then things have been steadily improving. Since last time new versions of Payara, WildFly and Liberty have been released, while TomEE now also supports JASPIC. No new versions of Oracle's WebLogic and GlassFish were released. New tests have been added for registering a session with a custom principal and EJB propagation after register session . The results of running the latest series of JASPIC tests are shown below: Running the Java EE 7 samples JASPIC tests Module Test Payara snapshot WildFly 10.0.0 Liberty 9 beta 2016.5 TomEE 7.0.0 async-authentication testBasicAsync Passed Passed Passed Passed basic-authentication