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Jakarta EE Survey 2020

At OmniFaces we poll the community from time to time about Java EE (now Jakarta EE) and related technologies. With the transfer of Java EE to Jakarta EE now almost completed, people are now starting to think about Jakarta EE 10 , the first Jakarta EE release after Java EE 8 having new featues. As such it's a good time to poll the community again. In the 2020 edition, there are 4 categories of questions again: Current usage of Java EE / Jakarta EE Servlet containers APIs related to Java EE / Jakarta EE The future of Jakarta EE Compared to 2018, we simplified some of the questions somewhat, omitting some of the less popular options to make it more manageable. We added questions about the future of Jakarta EE and MP together, the preferred Jakarta EE cadence, and generally updated the choices (such as adding Quarkus , which wasn't quite on the radar in 2018 and our own Piranha Cloud ). Jakarta EE provides the opportunity to revitalise and modernise Java EE, but i

What should be the minimum dependency requirements for the next major OmniFaces version?

For the next major version of OmniFaces (2.x, planned for over a few months) we're currently looking at determining the minimum version of its dependencies. Specifically the minimum Java SE version is tricky to get right. OmniFaces 1.x currently targets JSF 2.0/2.1 (2009/2010), which depends on Servlet 2.5 (2006) and Java SE 5 (2004). In practice relatively few people appear to be using Servlet 2.5 so for OmniFaces 1.x we primarily test on Servlet 3.0. Nevertheless, Servlet 2.5 is the official minimum requirement and we sometimes had to go to great lengths to keep OmniFaces 1.x compatible with Servlet 2.5. As for the Java SE 5 requirement, we noted that so few people were still using this (especially among the people who were also using JSF 2.1) that we set Java SE 6 as the minimum. Until so far we never had a complaint about Java SE 6 being the minimum. For OmniFaces 2.x we'll be targeting JSF 2.2 (2013), which itself has Servlet 3.0 (2009) as the minimum Servlet versi