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Simple Java based JSF custom component

Even though in JSF components have always been a central thing, actually creating them required a ridiculous amount of tedious work in JSF 1.x. Not only did you had to create the actual component, it also required you to: Register the component in an XML file Create a tag handler class, where you referenced the component by its registered name Register the tag in .tld file. You were also more or less supposed to create a separate renderer class, and although this actually has always been optionally, people seemed to interpret it as being a required part as well. Although none of this was really difficult, the sheer amount of work prevented everyone but component library builders from creating components. JSF 2.0 addressed all of these concerns by introducing composite components , where you are able to create first-class components just by putting some existing components and/or markup in a Facelets file. For the majority of use cases where application builders needed their