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Java EE 8 wish list

Java EE 7 has been recently released and is a truly great release. While for most vendors the job to implement Java EE 7 has just started or may even still has to start ideas for the next version, Java EE 8, may already be shaping. If history is anything to go by; last time Java EE 6 was released Dec 10, 2009 and we saw the first real Java EE 7 events about a year later , so we may have some time till Java EE 8 is really kicking off. Around the Java EE 7 kickoff time, Antonio Goncalves, presented a very interesting wish list of things that should be in Java EE 7. Interestingly 2 of his 4 items (flows and batch) indeed made it in Java EE 7, while a 3rd item (caching) would have been included but was dropped at the very last moment. It's a bit early days, but in this article I'd like to present my wish list for Java EE 8: CDI everywhere More thorough Pruning & Deprecating A standardized caching API In-app alternatives for all "administrative objects&quo