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Bridging Undertow's authentication events to CDI

Undertow's native security system has an incredible useful feature that's painfully missing in the security system of Java EE; authentication events . While Java EE applications could directly use the Undertow events, it's not directly clear how to do this. Furthermore having Undertow specific dependencies sprinkled throughout the code of an otherwise general Java EE application is perhaps not entirely optimal. The following code shows how the Undertow dependencies can be centralized to a single drop-in jar, by creating an Undertow extension (handler) that bridges the native Undertow events to standard CDI ones. Upon adding such jar to a Java EE application, the application code only has to know about general CDI events. First create the handler itself: import; import; import io.undertow.server.HttpHandler; import io.undertow.server.HttpServerExchange; import javax.enterpris