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Activating JASPIC in JBoss WildFly

JBoss WildFly has a rather good implementation of JASPIC , the Java EE standard API to build authentication modules. Unfortunately there's one big hurdle for using JASPIC on JBoss WildFly; it has to be activated. This activation is somewhat of a hack itself, and is done by putting the following XML in a file called standalone.xml that resides with the installed server: <security-domain name="jaspitest" cache-type="default"> <authentication-jaspi> <login-module-stack name="dummy"> <login-module code="Dummy" flag="optional"/> </login-module-stack> <auth-module code="Dummy"/> </authentication-jaspi> </security-domain> UPDATE Dec 23, 2015: Since WildFly 10rc5 the "jaspitest" domain is included by default in standalone.xml and no longer has to be added manually. For JBoss EAP 7 beta1 and earlier this is still needed a