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Implementation components used by Jakarta EE servers

A while ago we looked at which implementation components the various Java EE servers were using. At the time this concerned mostly Java EE 6 servers, with a few Java EE 7 ones thrown in for good measure. Fast forward 6 years, and we have arrived at Jakarta EE 8 essentially (a re-licensing of Java EE 8 ). Most servers from the previous instalment have Jakarta EE 8 versions out. WebLogic has its Java EE 8 version officially out, with a Jakarta EE 8 version coming soon (there is no technical difference between these two really). TomEE has started to implement Java EE 8 and in its latest version has gotten quite far, but is not there yet. Resin remained at Java EE 6 with seemingly no plans to update these . JOnAS has disappeared off the face of the earth , and so has Geronimo as server (though as a provider of APIs and their implementations it has stayed alive). Without further ado, here's the matrix of Java EE 8/Jakarta EE 8 implementation components used by Java EE/Jakarta EE