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Piranha 20.1.2 released!

Piranha 20.1.2 has been released :) In total 59 issues were done for this release, which mostly included work for Piranha Micro, but also includes improvements for Servlet compatibility among others. Note that Piranha is a work in progress and not yet ready for regular use, let alone production usage. Piranha itself is an upcoming Jakarta EE and MicroProfile runtime, currently in its early stages of development. Piranha's main goal is to use Jakarta APIs as much as possible as a library, using a flat class loader, and no concept of deploying applications, in other words without being an application server. Piranha Micro however builds on the core Piranha foundation to deliver something that comes closer to a server; it can run a single application in archive form, albeit it can't undeploy and redeploy (this is on purpose). Specifically for embedded use it features an isolated class loader. Contrary to a traditional application server where an isolating class loade