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Java EE authorization - JACC revisited part II

This is the second part of a series where we revisit JACC after taking an initial look at it last year. In the first part we somewhat rectified a few of the disadvantages that were initially discovered and looked at various role mapping strategies. In this second part we'll take an in-depth look at obtaining the container specific role mapper and the container specific way of how a JACC provider is deployed. In the next and final part we'll be bringing it all together and present a fully working JACC provider. Container specifics The way in which to obtain the role mapper and what data it exactly provides differs greatly for each container, and is something that containers don't really document either. Also, although the two system properties that need to be specified for the two JACC artifacts are standardized, it's often not at all clear how the jar file containing the JACC provider implementation classes has to be added to the container's class path. A