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OmniFaces 1.5 Release Candidate now available for testing

We're pleased to announce that the release candidate of OmniFaces 1.5 is now available for testing. The following items are new for this release:
Decode UIComponent children in <o:param> when no value attribute is specified (so that you can specify JSF/HTML code as outputFormat parameter)Allow endusers to specify custom passthrough attributes for Html5RenderKitAdded new includeRequestParams attribute to <o:form><o:messages> which extends <h:messages> with support for multiple client IDs in for attribute, ability to disable HTML escaping and ability to perform markupless rendering like <ui:repeat>Faces#includeCompositeComponent() to programmatically include a composite component in given parent componentAdd list based alternatives for the converters that automatically convert based on select itemsMessage interpolator for Bean Validation that allows a component's label to be inserted in the middle of a messageAdded reset attribute to <o:cache&…